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Beach Bot v 0.0.1 The Alpha Build

I am a tinkerer by genetics.  My Grandpa owns a TV and Radio repair shop and he still works 3 days a week at 95 years old.  I have been tinkering my whole life, with computers at first, then cars as a hobby, and my career moved to Information Security.  I have always been interested in robotics, so Now I have a purpose, and maybe I could combine my love of all three at one time!  Being that it's the middle of winter, all I can think of is the Beach, so I guess it's time to start the BeachBot build out. Some Years ago we moved to a home with a lake in our subdivision.  I soon found out that lugging all of our gear to the beach was an exercise in futility.  There is always too much, and the kids barely help out.  So I got stuck loaded the Jeep, Unloading the Jeep, carrying the gear down the hill to the beach, back up the hill and back to the house to unload and put all of it up.  It's a pain in the butt, and the trip home is always worse after a few adult beverages. So