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2006 Honda Civic Hybrid Battery Pack Disassembly

Well one thing has lead to another again.  I started working on my 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid battery pack again, took it apart.  It was actually pretty easy, but I needed Safety Equipment so I bought some Rubber gloves rated for 5000 Volts AC which work to like 1000 volts DC, I got the leather gloves that protect the rubber ones too so the rubber would not tear.  So not I disassembled the original battery pack that was in my car (the one in the car is from the Junkyard and is dying too). Don't Try this at home, you may kill yourself. I did try this because I am stupid. Here are the steps I took to break it down: 1.  Get battery pack setup somewhere safe. I got this Little Work Table from Costco 2.  Have someone around with a big stick to push you off if you get shocked.  DC will cause you to tighten your grip and will continue to fry you until the short (you) is stopped. 3.  Take note of where are the wires are on top The Top of the Pack Start Taking it Apa