2006 Honda Civic Hybrid Battery Pack Disassembly

Well one thing has lead to another again.  I started working on my 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid battery pack again, took it apart.  It was actually pretty easy, but I needed Safety Equipment so I bought some Rubber gloves rated for 5000 Volts AC which work to like 1000 volts DC, I got the leather gloves that protect the rubber ones too so the rubber would not tear.  So not I disassembled the original battery pack that was in my car (the one in the car is from the Junkyard and is dying too).

Don't Try this at home, you may kill yourself.
I did try this because I am stupid.

Here are the steps I took to break it down:
1.  Get battery pack setup somewhere safe.

I got this Little Work Table from Costco

2.  Have someone around with a big stick to push you off if you get shocked.  DC will cause you to tighten your grip and will continue to fry you until the short (you) is stopped.

3.  Take note of where are the wires are on top

The Top of the Pack

Start Taking it Apart...
This is a sequence of pictures as I dis-assembled it.

There is 1 big Styrofoam cover and 3 small ones

A look at the Pack Back Side

The Top Part is off - 
The voltage is now cut in half

Take most of the Blue Bolts off the top

Take Note of where all these wire leads go cause you have to pull these off too.

Tada!  The Battery Sticks are Exposed and the pack is now safe to handle without Gloves.

The Top is completely off

 This is the bottom of the second part of the top with the rubber gasket/insulator?

Bolts removed from the frame - ready to take the pack apart

Crap there is more wires
These are for the thermostat sensors on some of the sticks

Note the locations  this is probably important
Here are the rest of the Sensor Placements:

And now this is what we are left with

11 Double Sticks On my Work Table
Thats 12 1.2 Volt 6.5Ah batteries strung together to make 14.4 volts
These are 20 C Rated Batteries and you can easily draw 80 amps during discharge.
Remember these power a 20 HP Assist Motor in the Civic so it needs power, but not as much as say my Ford Focus Electric.

 and now I found out that I need a much higher rate of discharge to figure out which sticks are bad.

Oh, yeah almost forgot, The Gloves you will need:

Next installment will be how the heck to test these things.

Have a great Day!


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