Solar Panel Acquisition!

Hey guys,
Well back at it again, I jumped at the chance to purchase some solar panels for $0.425/watt.  I only picked up 4 of them to experiment with.

I acquired 4 235W Suniva PV panels!  Only $100 Each and 2 years old.  Pretty good deal at $0.425 per watt! They actually fit in my car!

Solar Panel Specifications:
Here is my first ever youtube video of me picking them up on taking my first look:

Last night I Finished my order of supplies from Amazon

MPT-7210A Solar Charge Controller/Boost Converter -
MC4 Connectors -
MC4 Spanners -
Decent Wire Crimpers -
15A DC Buck Converter -
100 ft 10 AWG Black UL Solar Wire -
100 ft 10 AWG Red UL Solar Wire -

I now have enough solar pv cable to do everything I think I need.
Next up is the inverter research and I think I may need some circuit breakers and stuff like that for safety...


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